Pondwood Fisheries

We now have a cafe on site, which is open on Saturdays,  Sundays  and Bank holidays for hot and cold food and drinks.

Pondwood Fisheries is the premier fishing facility for anglers of all categories. We have more than 20 years' experience in dealing with the likes and dislikes of fishermen, and whatever type of inland fisherman you are, Pondwood Fisheries can satisfy your demands.

We have Four Waters, one of which dates back to medieval times and one which is in excess of 30 years old. In addition there is the Snake, a still water course dating back to medieval. This was opened for day tickets in 2002 after widening and extension and has features to satisfy all needs.

The original one metre wide brook held fish into double figure weights. Since its widening and extension, the brook (now called The Snake River) has been stocked with thousands of fish, all home-grown at the Pondwood complex. These include Carp, Roach, Perch, Rudd, Pike  and Tench.

The Pike aspect has only opened in 2010/11 giving many anglers a great season with the biggest catch at 25lb 8 oz. This was still a long way off of the 33lb 4 oz beauty that was caught by mistake.
For pictures and articles about the Pike and other aspects visit the Pondwood Forum.

The original Pondwood Carp Lakes are around an acre each. The older lake has an island in the middle accessible via a bridge. This lake has stocks of Carp, Roach and Catfish. The Carp were introduced around 25 years ago and are an Italian strain. They have been known to spawn 3 times a year. All the other fish are of unknown origin.

The biggest Catfish caught so far weighed in at 42lb and was caught twice in the same day. It has not been caught since then being back in 2007. Night fishing is available on this lake through registration on the forum. The record Catfish caught in one night was 76 back in 2009. This was almost equalled in April 2011 with 71 Catfish. You can also see the gallery pictures on the forum.

The second lake has only Carp and Roach again introduced around 25 years ago. For some strange reason, no other fish species have yet been found in this lake. The Carp, however, are some of the most amazing fish you will have seen.
The fourth water was once a swamp having been cleaned out and landscaped giving a great and outstanding woodland lake. Mature trees surround the water as with the other lakes and Snake. This new water has been adopted by many clubs as their match water due to its prolific catch rate. Carp, Roach, Rudd and Perch are stocked so far.

There are toilet facilities and ample car parking available on the complex.

Bookings for matches and competitions are a must.